Solving operational challenges in complex drilling environments

Improve ROP without compromising wellbore health, increase operational efficiency, maintain wellbore integrity, ensure accurate well placement and provide continuous situational awareness of ongoing operations
SMARD is a real-time cloud-based big data aggregation, visualization and analytics platform that enables geographically distributed teams to make collaborative, data-driven decisions during drilling operations. This means fast and secure access to aggregated client and 3rd party data whenever and wherever

SMARD Open Adapter Service

SMARD is a loosely coupled layer with a single responsibility of adapting to the structure of your data, to enable visualization of multi-source aggregated data on the SMARD platform.

This provides the flexibility to easily connect to any data source, format or standard, with minimal developmental effort. These sources could be WITSML, LAS, JSON, Flat files (XML, CSV, Excel) etc. SMARD therefore provides a single synthesized visualization platform where all data, whether acquired at the rigsite, generated during pre-drill well planning or during real-time operations can be viewed at the same time, thereby significantly increasing the ability of users to determine insights necessary to improve drilling operations.

Customizable Widgets

SMARD provides fully customizable widget dashboards designed to provide the most critical information necessary to make effective real-time decisions. The application comes with default widgets and dashboards developed to meet current industry needs.

However, the widgets in the dashboards are modular and can be re-arranged, swapped out, removed or added to per user preference. Non-default widgets and dashboards can be implemented with minimal development efforts to provide a unique user experience.


Business Intelligence

With the ability to connect to and visualize any open data source, format or standard, multi data analysis is made possible, thereby significantly improving decision making capabilities. This can be done in the pre-drill well planning using historical data and during real-time operations with both flat files (static data) and dynamic real-time data such as WITSML.

Historical data can be benchmarked against real-time data to validate and improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - driving improved efficiency and reduction in Non-Productive Time (Time) and Invisible Lost Time (ILT).

Post-drill analysis after well completion can also be performed to capture lessons learned for continuous performance improvement and knowledge management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    Who needs SMARD?

    Drilling Engineers, Superintendents, Real-time data analysts and operation centers, rig managers, field supervisors, Company men, etc. SMARD is for anyone tasked with improving efficiency of oil and gas operations.

  • 2
    Who are your Customers

    Oil field personel across the organization; ranging from rig contractors, oil & gas service companies to small, medium and large scale operators.

  • 3
    What do I need to get started

    SMARD is capable of adapting to your datasource format. All you need to get setup is a datasource endpoint (usually a URL), and credentials (if any). Once that is provided, Smard populates your customized dashboards and widgets with data retrieved from the datasource(s).

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